Bundle Rod Heaters

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As the name suggests, bundle rod heater consists of circular ceramic beads that hold the heating elements. Also known as Bayonets, they are designed for long life and maintenance free operation. The elements can be provided in almost any length but the standard dimensions available are 68 to 170 mm (2.6 to 6.6 inch). These heaters can be used as standalone elements or inside radiant tubes. Because of the ingenious design, Bundle rod heating elements deliver a much higher power than conventional cartridge heaters. In combination with radiant tubes, a system is created which delivers high power, is rugged, versatile and needs low maintenance. Designed & manufactured in low voltages for faster heating in order to achieve temperatures quickly, these heaters can be mounted horizontally or vertically. Either NiCr alloy (Mara Nicro)or FeCrAl alloy(Mara FeCrAl) can be used as heating element. For temperatures up to 2100°F (1150°C), Austenitic (NiCr) alloy (80/20 or 70/30) and for temperatures up to 2597°F (1425°C), Ferritic (FeCrAl) alloy can be used. 

Superior Power Output

Bundle rod elements, with a higher power output, leads to major saving in cost and maintenance. Also when combined with radiant tubes, they give highest power rating (up to 100 kW) as compared to any other heater.  


Easy installation

Due to its ruggedness and versatility, bundle rod elements are easy to install and replace. Compatibility with radiant tubes allows installation to be either horizontal or vertical depending on the application. Easy repair and high temperature performance gives it an edge over others.

Custom designed for the voltage and wattage required, bundle rod heaters are used in heat treat furnaces and die casting machines to molten salt baths and incinerators. With radiant tubes they can be used in high velocity convection furnaces and sealed quenched furnaces. They are also useful in converting gas-fired furnaces to electric heating.