WIKA | Pressure Switch | MW


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These top-tier diaphragm pressure switches are engineered specifically for safety-critical applications. One key advantage is their independence from a supply voltage for the switching process.

Throughout production, our diaphragm pressure switches undergo meticulous tracing and 100% testing with quality assurance software, ensuring utmost reliability. Constructed from robust stainless steel 316L, they withstand harsh operating conditions up to 600 bar.

Equipped with 1 or 2 microswitches, our diaphragm pressure switches can directly switch electrical loads up to AC 250 V, 20 A. For lower power ratings, argon gas-filled microswitches with gold-plated contacts are available.

Tailor your switch to your application needs with options like adjustable dead band for control processes. With a diaphragm measuring system, the MW pressure switch ensures optimal operating characteristics, while flanged process connections excel in measuring highly viscous or contaminated media.

Customize your switch with materials like PTFE, Monel, or Hastelloy for specialized applications. For safety-critical environments, SIL 2-qualified or SIL 3-qualified versions are available. Trust our diaphragm pressure switches for reliability and performance in demanding applications.