WIKA | Pressure Switch | PCS


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Introducing WIKA's mechanical pressure switches, meticulously crafted for safety-critical applications. These switches offer the advantage of operating without a power supply, ensuring reliability even in the absence of voltage. Each switch undergoes rigorous quality testing throughout production, ensuring 100% reliability.

Compact in design, the PCS pressure switch fits seamlessly into tight measurement environments. Constructed from durable aluminum alloy or stainless steel 316L, it withstands harsh industrial conditions with working ranges up to 1,000 bar.

Equipped with microswitches, the PCS switch can handle electrical loads up to AC 250 V, 15 A, with a repeatability of 1% of the set point. Various contact versions and electrical connections are available to suit different applications, including hermetically sealed microswitches for corrosive environments and DPDT contact versions for separate circuits.

Featuring a diaphragm element with antagonist spring, the PCS pressure switch ensures robustness and optimal operating characteristics. For safety-critical applications, SIL 2-qualified or SIL 3-qualified versions are available as options. Trust WIKA's PCS pressure switch for dependable performance in demanding industrial settings.